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Corporate Housing

Better price, service, amenities, comfort and space compared to a hotel room—that’s Corporate Housing from Combs’ Properties.

Everyone’s living situation is a little different, and Combs’ Properties not only understands that, but has actually changed the way short term leasing and living arrangements are made to give their clients more flexibility with their stay.

Combs’ Properties has luxurious two-bedroom apartments that were engineered and built to make the temporary stay feel permanent. How? All of the Combs’ Corporate Housing apartments are fully furnished—appointed with beautiful home decorations, furniture, accessories, bedding and more.

The corporate housing from Combs’ has all of the appliances and extras you need for your short stay as well, so you don’t have to worry about buying new or hauling from your previous location, including: washer, dryer, microwave, linens, dishes, cutlery, TV and DVD. And since hotels don’t charge for utilities, Internet, cable and phone service, Combs’ doesn’t either.






Rental Rate - 1 bedroom

$2.250.00 ($75 x 30)

$1,600.00 - avg. rate


Hotel Tax - 13% local


no charge


Meals (eating out vs. cooking)

$1,200 ($40 x 30)

$360 - full kitchen




no charge


Local Calls

$105.00 ($0.75 @ 5 per day

no charge


Long Distance Calls (1hr)

$105.00 (avg. - $1.75per min)






A SAVINGS OF $2,292.50

*Information is based on a one bedroom hotel room. Our units are 2 bedroom 2 baths.


**Free minutes are based on what the long distance plan will allow.


With easy access to Eastern New Mexico University, Cannon Air Force Base, shopping, parks, recreation, dinning and hospitals, no matter the reason for which you are in town for just a short while, you can get where you need to go without a hassle.

Click Here for a list of Corporate Units in Portales & Clovis New Mexico

For more information about Combs’ Corporate Housing please contact:


Combs Properties

512 W. Commercial Street

Portales , New Mexico 88130

Phone: (575) 356-4436

Email Us

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Call toll-free:

Combs' Properties
P.O. Box 180
Portales, NM, 88130
Tel: (575) 356-4436
Fax:(575) 356-4437
Clovis Phone: (575) 742-2627

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Click Here for Combs' Properties Rental Application