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Combs' Properties in the News:

Chamber of Commerche names Combs' "Business of the Month"
January, 2008

The January 2008 Newsletter from the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce names Combs Properties for Business of the Month for October, 2007. Read more....

Builders going full speed ahead on new homes
Created on November 17 2007 9:57 PM

Porales City Council approves new Combs' subdivision
Combs Properties gets approval for a preliminary plat proposal for Portales' west side.
Created on August 13, 2007

Portales Ranks 15th in Nation for Quality of Life - Click here to read more.

Downtown hotel could be open as soon as 2007
By Tony Parra: PNT Staff Writer
Created on: June 17, 2006 - 10:45PM - 8280


Selling Your Haunted Portales Home

Selling a haunted house is a difficult proposition when the ghosts are particularly noisy or violent; many home buyers avoid ghostly atmospheres and prefer the dull life of home or bungalow uninhabited by any kind of spirit. Therefore, fixing up your Haunted-house to sell may involve various preparations to reduce the impact of ghosts, spirits, otherworldly emanations and other supernatural phenomena.

Home Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween can be almost as fun as going out and going door to door for candy any day of the week. Besides, having a well decorated home for this holiday gives you the perfect excuse to scare the crap out the kids in your neighborhood who think they have the neighborhood cornered on mischief.

Selling Your Portales Home

Selling your Portales home, commercial property or business requires courage and confidence in any market; here are some steps that will help you to sell your home:

Pricing Your Home Accurately

Whether it's selling your own home or a property which was left to you, here are some things to consider before you start marketing your home.

Portales Renting Vs. Owning

Are you still renting? If so, you're losing money. Besides losing out on the money you could be making with real estate, the satisfaction of being able to own a home and make it his or her own is one renter�s do not get to experience. Learn more about the advantages of owning a home vs renting one.

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