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Cash for your home, within 24 hoursóthatís how Combsí Properties deals with purchasing your real estate so you donít have to wait. Itís a pretty simple and straightforward process: if you have a home in the cities of Clovis or Portales, Combsí wants to buy your home and pay you cash.

A lot of home owners have grown justifiably impatient with real estate agents, online listings and open houses that havenít generated leads or sales. If you need to sell your home right away, or are just looking for a smooth and cost-effective approach to getting rid of your property, Combsí Properties is the optimal choice.

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Investment properties can be sold to Combsí as well. All too often landlords want to condense their holdings, apartment complex owners grow tired of the endless needs and housing concerns of their tenants and companies look to downsize their operation or move to a new facility entirely. Combsí will buy your commercial property and pay you cash right away so your business can continue to move forward.

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Combs Properties

512 W. Commercial Street

Portales , New Mexico 88130

Phone: (575) 356-4436

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